As well as on-site air testing, we can provide a dedicated mobile laboratory where fibre counting can be carried out immediately following the air sampling to provide the client with an instant result. All site reports are electronically produced and printed on site so the removal contractor and the client can be issued with the Certificate of Reoccupation/Certificate before the analyst leaves site.

Our range of air testing services includes:



Personal Monitoring ensures that a person wearing air filtering systems are adequately protected from airborne asbestos fibres and to ensure that the control methods in place are sufficient.

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Background monitoring is used to establish fibre concentrations before any activity which may lead to airbourn asbestos contamination.

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4-stage clearance

4-Stage Clearance monitoring for certificate of reoccupation can only be carried out and involves a 4-stage process:

  • Stage 1: Preliminary check of site condition and job completeness;
  • Stage 2: A thorough visual inspection inside the enclosure/work area;
  • Stage 3: Air monitoring;
  • Stage 4: Final assessment post-enclosure/work area dismantling



Reassurance sampling may be conducted in certain circumstances when non-licensed materials have been removed, as well as establishing airbourn fibre concentrations following an incident.